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Tips to maintain a good and and a successful relationship with the nanny

Building a good relationship with the nanny is very critical, after all she is the person who looks after your child, so you don't want the nanny to make your child's life miserable. In many homes parents would likely hire live-in nannies because live-in nannies can give your child the best care by staying close day and night. Basically the live-in nanny is the second mother of the child. Therefore it is very important to have a good and a successful relationship with the live-in nanny that you hire.

You can have a good relationship if both the parties respect each other, if you hired a professional nanny you have to be polite, and humble when you suggest something regarding her job. You should not give any extra work. Mainly you should have a good communication level with the nanny, these communications should be casual and should talk about the day to day activities that nanny and child did. If you have any problem regarding the child you should talk with the nanny and should try to solve it. Remember some nannies are professional caregivers, so they know so much about taking care of the child. It is very important advice from the nanny when you get stuck with some problem. This will build a good trust and it is important to treat her as a family member. You should openly accept suggestions from the nanny, if you straight away neglect whatever the nanny says, that would be disrespectful and would ruin the good relationship that you have with your nanny. Make sure that you pay the salary on time. You have to pay fair wages, and if the nanny has worked extra hours or days then you have to pay her for the extra time that she has worked. If the nanny is good and does her work very well, you have to make sure that she get incentives and bonuses.

Finally you have to appreciate her good work. If you do not appreciate the work that she has done, it will create a negative impact in the nanny's mind. When the nanny says something or if she gives an advice regarding something you have to listen to it. This will help to build the relationship that you have with the nanny.

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