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Where and How to Find Your Perfect Nanny

Nowadays, due to many parents' hectic work schedule they need a nanny that can rely on. Finding a perfect nanny can be a time consuming task. Let's see how you can find a nanny and how to make sure that she is the perfect nanny for you.

Parents can hire a nanny by asking from friends, relatives etc. Word of mouth can be considered as the best way to hire a nanny. Friends may recommend any nanny that they know, or may be the nanny that have worked for them earlier. So you can be sure that the nanny you find by this way is capable of doing the job. Because your friend will not recommend a nanny that has not done a great job. Another way is, “go public”, put a notice around places where nannies would go such as church, park, nursery etc. Also the paper advertisements. You may get many responses from nannies. Include clear description about requirements in the advertisement. But, do not include more personal information such as address, working place in the notice/advertisement. Including a phone number is not recommended as you can get flooded with calls but instead, you can put your email address.

There are some other ways to hire a nanny. If you did not find good referral from friends, you can go for a nanny agency or online nanny referral service. These ways can be more expensive sometimes, specially the nanny agencies. But there are lot parents who found their nannies with the help of nanny agencies. Probably the reason is most of nanny agencies filter their nannies by pre-interviewing them and doing background check on them. They choose only the nannies that passed those filtering processes before allowing them to meet parents. There are online nanny referral services too can guide to locate the best nanny for in your area. Many of these sites have different ways to help parents to find a nanny. There are sites displaying all the details on each nanny. These sites do not check the nanny's background and certificates, therefore less expensive. Many online nanny referral services have more nanny candidates with experience and qualifications. So the chances to find a nanny from there is very high. However, do not depend on nanny agency or referral service pre-screening test and background checks on nannies. You should conduct and arrange your own interviewing process and background check on the all prospective nannies. These services are to just help you, you should do the rest to decide who is best nanny for your child and your family.

One important tip to make sure that a nanny is great or not for your child is, giving her a trial run. When the interviewing process and background checks are over, you probably can shortlist your prospective nannies list. Call them for a trail run. Notice how they go along with your child. Specially notice the body language of child towards the nanny. A child should warm up to the nanny and happy to be with her. Of course it can take more time to get familiar with a child, therefore allow enough time for a trial run but do not forget that a good nanny knows how to win child's mind quickly.

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