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What are the Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring a Nanny in Toronto

We can see that most parents in Toronto are not happy on what they have seen on nanny cameras. They often find it is unbelievable as they had conducted a background check on their nanny and they had found nothing wrong with her when they checked. Parents worry on thinking why the background check could not identify other side of nanny's character. So there is something wrong somewhere with the procedure they had followed to verify the reliability of their nanny.

Paying no thorough attention to references of the nanny is a mistake. That will be a good chance to find out about her personality. It is not enough to go only through her credentials. Get contact details of her previous employers and call them to know how was the service from nanny. Do not expect them to let you know only the time duration she has worked with them. Other than that pay your deep attention on the attitude that they are holding towards her character. Carry out a comprehensive internet search yourself. Just type her name on the search bar and try to find more about her. Not paying any attention on the unexplained gaps in her employment is an another mistake made by the parents in Toronto. That is another mistake which parents make. Ask her why she left the relevant job and ask her to give sufficient reasons for that.

Get the photocopies of all her identity cards, driving license, state identity card, permanent resident card, passport and employment authorization card etc. So you are getting the chance to check the credibility of those documents. You may need to think twice before hiring a nanny if she fails or refuses to give those documents or relevant contact numbers.

Do a thorough background check of your nanny that includes screening of criminal records, work history, residential status and family background. Not doing a thorough background check and thinking that it is to be enough are both big mistakes parents make. Rushing the nanny search is also a big mistake.

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