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Going the Extra Mile on Hiring a Nanny for you

You have read all the articles, you have done all your research, you have kept to the rules of searching for a nanny. But you are still restless, you are constantly asking yourself. “Is there something else that can be done? Where can I be more thorough? Well, all you have to do is read another article, that is this one and you should walk away with a few tips at hand.

A nanny background alone is insufficient because it will only report crimes that have been reported to the authorities. A background check with a blank record does not automatically guarantee a person without a criminal offence, it could simply mean that the nanny was never caught in the act. You could supplant a background check by consulting past employers to ask about previous work experience.

Parents can carry out a more thorough background check, as the amount of information can vary. While you do not want to breach people's privacy, many background checks are simply not up to the mark, always scrutinize any background check that you receive. Make sure that the Passport number matches the name and check the histories of previous provinces or counties that the nannies lived in. Above all, make sure that there is a national screening of criminal records and a sexual offender list (its not likely but it never hurts to be too careful). Get as much information as you can, until you are comfortable enough to make a decision.

A handy precaution to do just before hiring a nanny is to take a photocopy of their ID, the form of identification can be anything from a state ID card to a work permit. Some nannies maybe reluctant to give their ID forms up for copy which should prompt suspicion. Having a copy of any form of identification supplants the work agreement, making it even more formal. It can also serve as an early warning to  nannies as you are essentially telling them that you can easily validate any information which has been given and even report them if they ever cross the line.

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