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What is Nanny Share & How to Find a Family to Share the Nanny

Nanny share is, hiring a nanny with another family and dividing the salary and benefits of the nanny. The nanny share system gives more advantages to the parents. It reduces the financial burden of the parents and allow the children to enjoy the optimized attentions and care with other children. The nanny share arrangement is good; anyhow, parents should find another family to work together. When you are going to find a family to share a nanny, there are some challenges you could find in parenting principle. Here are some useful places and ideas to find absolute match.

The one of the best place to look for families that are ready for having a shared nanny is, local parenting groups. When you find such families, ensure that both families have similar parenting philosophies, then only they can share the nanny successfully. Mostly it is impossible for some parents, but there are chances to find a perfect match for nanny share on local parenting groups, because they have a particular style and principle among them, so it is an one of the great place to find.

Then you can find from your community. In fact many families have got the membership of your parish and sometimes they may have the same requirements as you. So, there are possible ways to connect with other families such as a bulletin board, place of worship, children program and more.

Rather than those places, you can post some advertisement on local classified ads. Posting advertisement for nanny share can be a great way to connect with good families who wants to have a nanny share arrangement like you. Additionally you may see many parents that who already posted their advertisement about nanny share. Another good way is getting help from nanny agencies to find a perfect family for you to share the nanny. But all nanny agencies do not provide nanny share service, there are some may offer. Then nanny agencies not only help to nanny share but also they give some advice and guidance on taxation and handling with nanny; it may be less complicated when two families involve in tax paying. Moreover than above ways, parents can go through the online matching service.

However, always make sure to get details about the families and parents with whom you are going to have a nanny share.

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