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Child Care giver job Description and What to expect from her?

Parents should have a clear job descriptions with all details for their nanny and that should be clearly explained on appointment or when signing the nanny agreement. Every home has different environment, so parents has to give proper details about the job, such as working ours, holidays, overtime wages, traveling allowance & etc. The next important thing is you have to give a clear idea to her on what she is going to do in their house, like is  she going to take care of the child only or any other house keeping works too be done etc. In fact some caregivers do not like to do other house works rather than caring the child such as cleaning the child room, washing child's clothes and etc. If parents wanted their nanny to do all those extra jobs, that should be discussed and agreed during interview.

Parents should try to setup a list of priorities for their child caregiver. In some families,  parents may feel uncomfortable to ask the child care giver to do some housekeeping such as do laundry, simple shopping and cook dinner; parents may worry that care givers may quit the job suddenly without informing. To avoid such, all these things should be discussed earlier stage of selection process. Some parents might feel that small areas (example : ask the caregiver to take the child to badminton practices by walk) should not be discussed at the interview and they may feel that, we can ask the caregiver to do this later on, but later days that may become a problem when the caregiver denies to do so. Such situations can put the parent in a position to search for a caregiver again.

Sometimes, the job requirement may change on day by day, for an example, the couple may have another child within a year and that may add more room for responsibilities for the child care giver. If there are any plans on having another baby within a year, it is wise to discuss that as well in advance to avoid any unpleasant situations in near future. Also, there may be a situation like, the child is going to be sent to nursery on next year, that too add few more responsibilities to the child care giver, like prepare and take the child to nursery and then pick up the child back to home etc. It is recommended to discuss such things during interview as well.

It's safe and comfortable to clarify all the things with your child care giver and it will help to make a good relationship between you and your caregiver.

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