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Plan Your Nanny Hiring Process

If you are thinking about where to start your nanny hiring process, you can start it by figuring out your budget and what you want from your nanny. You may want your nanny to live with your family, come on call, only for week-ends etc. Make a list of requirements that your nanny will have to do, such as taking your child to school, drive to classes, practices, do shopping for the child, do child's laundry, preparing meals, helping with school homework and teaching etc. So when you make a list of these duties it is easy to get an idea about what kind of a person your should hire as your nanny.

The more nanny candidates you have, there is more chance to find your perfect nanny. You can find nannies by asking referrals from friends, putting an advertisement etc. But there is more efficient way. Why do not go for an online nanny referral service? They cost you less than nanny agencies and have huge number of candidates. Online nanny referral service, like weneedananny.ca have very detailed form filled by each nanny candidate. At the initial stage, everything you need to know about a candidate is there. So you can instantly get a good idea about a nanny by just going through that form. On the other hand these online nanny referral services have lot of nanny candidates with different skills, qualifications, experience, ages as well. Also a online nanny service can give you lot of candidates.

When you have prospective nannies you should arrange interviews with them. First it can be a phone interview, but after that two interviews are recommended. You may make nanny interview question list before the interview. It is not recommended to meet prospective nannies with your child at the first interview. Things to do at the first interview are checking each nannies references, question them to understand whether she is capable of doing the job or not, get to know about nannies background etc. After the first interview you can shortlist your prospective nanny list. Arrange a second interview with those prospective nannies. This time you can meet each nanny with your child and notice how they respond to each other. Also you can present a well detailed nanny agreement to candidates. To know who is your perfect nanny you can give last prospective nannies a trial run as well.

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