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Important Questions to Ask From Your Nanny at the Interview

As you are looking for a child caregiver in Toronto to take care of your child, you have to be more careful and attentive on the selection process. You cannot do any experiments or make any mistakes, as you are going to totally depend on a stranger. If you are smart enough to capture her inner attitudes through her words by talking, you can get a thorough idea about the nanny. Your questions should be well focused and should able to reveal the personality of the nanny candidate. First conduct phone interviews and gather more details covering her basic information. Then arrange face-to-face interviews. Ask if she has got the relevant experience to take care of your child. She should have the experience on caring children in the same age of your child. And ask what are the activities she is going to do with your child and what are the special art and craft or skills she can perform in order to keep the child happy and occupied.

See if her qualifications satisfy your expectations. For that you have to define your expectations first and it should be done before starting the interview. Examine her resumes and see if she is able to look after your child, teach him and manage household tasks as well. Ask her why she decided to leave previously worked families in Toronto and how long she has worked there. Get all her references and contact those families and ask them how was the service of the nanny.

It is better to know about hobbies and personal behavior of the nanny. Her approach to discipline is also going to be an important fact for you. Some may think that what is the importance of knowing all these things. But to identify her character correctly, those details will be important for you. For an example if she is interested in playing violin, admiring nature, listening to classic music, drawing scenery at her leisure times, that got excellent skills and talents that can help to co-op with the child.

Ask her whether she will be able to prepare nutritious meals for your child. But do not expect her to cook for your whole family, if it is not mentioned in the job description. Likewise, if she can drive and has got her own car and is ready to use it for traveling purposes of your child that would be a better news for you. If she has children in the same age of yours, then ask her to bring them as interacting with them will be a good experience for your child.

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