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Popular Interview Questions to Hire a Nanny in Melbourne

In Melbourne, Australia, interviewing a nanny is important because it is one way you will get to know the nanny (as it is a crowded city, there may be unprofessional too, so the interview is key on find out such). Therefore it is important to ask the right kind of questions that you will get you as much information as possible.

An obvious but important question that you must ask any nanny in Melbourne is, what they think about smoking, drinking and illegal drugs. It is crucial to know the nanny's thoughts on the subject even if her resume screams professionalism. In Melbourne, it is best not to take chances when hiring someone who will be alone with your child. Passion for the job is extremely important and being a nanny is no exception, it is always good to ask questions about their love for the occupation. It is heart-warming to hear nannies talk about their love for children or their fascination with child development. Be cautious if candidates talk about moving on to a different career when they have the money they need.

You must get to know the potential candidates style of child rearing, therefore it is always good to ask how they would manage a day alone with your child. While asking questions is not an adequate prototype of a real day, it can give you valuable insight into how your nanny will treat your child. For example, if your child is the outgoing type and your nanny she can take the child to the Melbourne Zoo might be a strong point in her favor. The question also gives valuable insight into the way your nanny thinks, if she is willing to take the child on trips, it suggests long-term viability (if your family ever needed to take a vacation) and tons of experience raising children.

It is always a good idea to ask if the nanny consents to signing a work agreement form. Most candidates in Melbourne will not have a problem, but if she refuses then it will be serious red flag because it means that she doesn't intend to work long-term or she may be evading taxes, or even worse have immigration issues.

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