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Communication : How to Deal with Your Nanny

When it comes to dealing with nannies, it is important to set down rules and expectations no matter how experienced they might be. Clear, succinct communication has many benefits that will improve your working relationship with your nanny, your child's relationship with your nanny and leads to a much healthier home environment. This article will highlight the different ways to communicate with and set down the rules of your house with your nanny, especially if you are in Calgary.

If your nanny is a live-in caregiver in Calgary, then you will have to sooner or later deal with the possibility of visitors, the nanny is after all a person with friends and family and it's only natural that they would want to see her. However, it is still your home and you must lay down the rules of what is acceptable and non-acceptable when it comes to having visitors in your home. Early on in the nanny's tenure, it is always best to create rules, sometimes these rules do not have to be strict 'by the law or else' rules but more of a guide that will inform your nanny what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with. Sometimes these rules may inconvenience your nanny, but these rules are great away to avoid problems early on. While laying down rules, it is also important to explain clearly what the nannies duties are and what you expect from them. For instance, tell them which rooms they cannot go into and what places they are supposed to keep clean. It is important to communicate clearly with your nanny, to avoid problems later in the future.

It is important to be clear about how to discipline your children, the nanny is not allowed to resort to physical violence, instead come with up with an alternative method for disciplining your child, come with a plan together, and encourage your nanny to stick to the plan and be consistent. Do not just design a schedule for punishment, but also daily activities, make sure that the daily schedule involves time limits on different activities, sleep time, feeding time etc. Make sure that schedule can account for outside activities such as walks in Calgary's parks and make it clear to your nanny that you expect her to stick to the schedule. 

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