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What Makes a Good Nanny

A quick search will tell you that there is no shortage of nannies in Calgary, Alberta, be it part time or full time, college educated or not, parents will have no problem finding a nanny for their children. Hence, the issue is not whether you can find a nanny, but whether you can find the right nanny for your children. There are number of characteristics that you should be able to identify in a nanny through a string of interviews.

The first trait that you should look for in a nanny, is responsibility. There are plenty of nannies in Calgary saying that they have plenty of experience and the right qualifications, but if they cannot come to your doorstep at the appointed time after saying that they can, then they are not responsible. A nanny should be able to take charge and take responsibility of the children under her care. You need someone who will take accountability for their actions, you do not want a nanny who makes excuses and fails to meet her responsibilities. Responsibility is important, but empathy is another important trait, you want your nanny to be able to understand and relate to the child under her care, it is an essential trait to have when looking after others. You do not want a nanny who may mean well but is ultimately inconsiderate because she lacks the empathy to understand your child. Nannies are expected to be kind and nurturing, many of them spend long hours with children and these long hours can be fruitful for both adult and child, if the nanny has a nurturing spirit that can foster and encourage a child's development.

A nanny also has to have plenty of energy, a necessity if dealing with young children, as it involves plenty of activities such as doing some outdoor actives like taking the children to Calgary's Prince Island Park, take the child to badminton practices by walk, playing with children at backyard or prepare dinner/lunch for child, clean child's room etc. It is important for nannies to know that the final decision regarding the child should lie with (taken by) the parents, but it should not stop them from being assertive for the children under their care, especially if something is happening that is not in the child's interests nannies must have a protective streak where they are willing to step up for the sake of the child.

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