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How To Do Pre-Screening Process To Select a Perfect Nanny

Applying pre-screening process to nanny selection process is helpful to save time & cost, spot the best nanny who is ready to fulfill the job requirements. In most cases, the working parents are in need of nanny (of course, even home staying mom too may need help of a nanny for some extra works) and the child is going to be left alone with the nanny (the stranger) when parents are at work. That does not mean that there is a bridge of gap between parents and child, but it is strengthening the well being of the child (As far as double income is unavoidable in Calgary or any other popular Canadian cities). In this article, lets talk further on how to do pre-screening when selecting a nanny in Calgary (or the city where you are living in; it is important to have a nanny who lives near by rather than miles away).

As the very first step, it is important to create an application form to gather all relevant details from the nanny respondents. Turn on your PC or laptop, open a word document and create an application form (or write down an application form, scan it and email it). Do not forget to include the followings on the application form than other things which are more important for you;

  1. Experiences in detail

    1. By year (from when the nanny started to work and till when she worked)

    2. Previous employer contact details (specially the phone number)

    3. Reason why she left the employer

    4. Number of children and ages of children that she had taken care of with that employer

  2. Qualifications in detail

    1. Course she followed

    2. Course content – outline

  3. References with their contact details

  4. All possible contact details of her

  5. Verifiable address and contact details

Once the application form is ready, it can be emailed or mailed to the prospective candidates and ask them to fill it and send back to you. Based on the replies that you get, you can further filter the nannies and the filtering process will be easy as you have everything organized in the application form. From there, you can select few candidates for the next level of process which may be the interview. During the interview you can observe, monitor and take decisions about the nanny and if you feel to have second interview that adds more healthy to your nanny hiring process even. Anyhow, it is better to cross check all the references, previous employers and all background checks before you offer the job to them.

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