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How Parents in Calgary should Prepare Themselves to the Nanny Selection Process

Selecting the best nanny in Calgary among many potential Calgary nannies would be a difficult task for parents or they may unable to do so, specially if there is no properly arranged selection process. Because parents should find out and verify qualifications, experience of the potential nannies as well as personal qualities and their background. To perform all these tasks in an adequate manner, parents should take their time and be patient (should not rush to hire a nanny as soon as possible). One of the major phase of nanny hiring process is that face-to-face interview. This phase helps a lot for parents to filter the potential nanny and determine the best child caregiver as their nanny. Therefore, it is essential to arrange face-to-face interview during nanny selection process and parents also should prepare themselves for it.

Parents' preparation towards person-to-person interview with the potential Calgary nannies include but not limited to making a question list to ask from candidates, determining a proper place for the interview and deciding whether the child should face the interview or not etc. The questions to be asked from potential nannies depend on requirements of the parents. For an example the parents may be looking for a full time or part time nanny; nanny should drive the child to school, extra curricular activities, classes etc; working days and time, expected wage and all. On the other hand question such as what are your experiences of being a nanny, who were your clients, whether the clients are living within the Calgary or not, why you resign from there, what are your professional qualifications to be a nanny (educational, first-aid, CPR) etc can be asked to get a better idea on the potential nannies.

Since potential nanny candidates can be total strangers, it is equally important to decide a proper place for the interview. In other words, it is not advisable to arrange the interview at home. If it is possible, a public place in Calgary like coffee shop can be chosen. Besides, consider whether to face the nanny candidates with the child or not. The recommended way is meeting candidates with the child at the second interview which only with the filtered potential nannies.

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