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Nannies Guide: How Nannies Can Go Up The Career Ladder In Toronto

Nanny jobs are indeed a rewarding job in Toronto. If you love children and being around them, then this is the perfect place for you to be. It is no small feat. The job of nannies is very complicated with looking after children. They have to be extremely vigilant and on their feet the entire time. It is stressful too when you have to look after more than one child.

The actual complication for nannies in Toronto is the rising competition they face. Apart from the obvious rivals being the day care centers and baby sitters, still there are many nannies that before. It has become very easy for parents to find a nanny now, than in the past when good nannies were very scarce. The best way you can battle with the competition and win is by learning all about your career.

What You Can Expect

The best place for you to start is getting the pay rates right. You must find a nanny in Toronto who has similar experience, education and skills as you and learn the going pay rates. The reason for this is so that you will not quote something too low and harms your field and quoting too much will be unrealistic. A common problem with working as nannies is that the state does not recognize you as working because you don’t file taxes. Because of this you will have the problem of raising credit and loans from your local bank. You must talk about taxes with your employer. Even though a nanny does not have any child care education or courses dedicated for her, it is always better to be updated on the latest child care education. You are responsible to increase your value by attending seminars and workshops.

Plan And Work On Your Future

You must learn to present yourself in the best manner possible. You must have an updated professional portfolio that you can show the prospective employers. You must also update your skills in CPR, first aid and your driving skills in Toronto. There should be no chance for surprises. You must earn respect as a nanny and that starts by being professional. You must treat your job as a real career, and not as something to fill your time. In this regard punctuality is very important. Good nanny jobs are most times very hard to come by, but it is better if you can look for jobs that gives you the chance to be the best nanny possible.

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