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Why Nannies Are Not Everything You Hoped For In Vancouver

Parents in Vancouver choose to finding a nanny compared to other forms of child care like baby sitting and day care centers. While nannies have certain advantages over day care centers and baby sitters, it is not all good news about nannies too. Hiring a nanny can also have many disadvantages that people tend to overlook but it is important to notice.

Why Nannies Are A Bad Idea

Most nanny jobs in Vancouver go unsupervised. This is in terms of both their qualifications and how they interact with the children. As far as qualifications are considered, they are not expected to know child psychology, just it is better if they do, although many parents now want their nannies to know CPR and first aid. When it comes to interaction with the children, apart from the time when parents observe their kids with the potential nanny, they don’t get the opportunity again. So actually speaking there is no governing body that looks into the activities of the nanny and that is quite dangerous.

The case in most families in Vancouver is that once they find a nanny for their child, it never occurs to the parents to look for a back-up plan. Because of this what ends up happening is that when the nanny is sick or wants to go on a holiday, the parents are in a tight fix because they are not prepared with a suitable replacement. It may give the parents a peace of mind to have a nanny at home with the child but the children in question will lose a lot. Simply they lose social interactions with other children of their own age. This is very important for the healthy development of children. A good way to remedy the situation is if the parents or the nanny plans activities and outings for the children to interact and participate with peers.

Why You Need To Avoid Nannies

Nannies in Vancouver maybe a cheaper option that day care centers, but they are a definite cost to the parents until the children don’t require a nanny. This means that for a foreseeable future the parents will be spending for the nanny and this will impact them if they are tight on budgets. A problem with nanny jobs is the lack of privacy for the household, when the nanny starts having access to all parts of the house and the fridge to prepare meals.

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