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What to Think About Before Hiring a Nanny

The average work week in Sydney, Australia is 44 hours a week, more women are participating in the labor force than before. It is not surprising to find many families where both parents spend long hours in the office, away from home and family. At such times, many choose to hire a nanny due to innumerable benefits such as looking after the child, cleaning the house etc. But while a stuffed schedule maybe the deciding factor for many parents, there are other things to think about before hiring a nanny.

The first thing to consider is finance, how much are you willing and able to pay? The average hourly wage for nannies in Sydney varies from 20-25 dollars per hour (though some maybe willing to negotiate). How much you pay can have a significant impact on the quality of the care you receive. You would want a nanny with plenty of experience, fine educational achievements and skills in other areas  such as CPR. All these qualities come with a high price, the more qualified the nanny, the higher she will charge. When you decide on a wage rate, you must stick to that agreement, especially if it is drawn up in a formal contract. It may seem informal, but a nanny-parent relationship, is the same as an employee-employer relationship. If you expect the nanny to do her job well, then it is only right that she expect you to pay on time. If you don't, she may have no choice but to move on to another family who is willing to pay a higher wage or can make daily payments on time. If such an event occurs, it is the child who stands to lose the most, particularly if he or she is already attached to the nanny. Therefore, it is important to consider the costs and how much you are willing to pay with your income.

As parents, you may be willing to pay through the nose to get the best nanny you can get, but you will not get the results you desire if your child is not ready. Many parents take the decision to get a nanny, based on the need to lift the burden on their already over-burdened schedules. However, in such cases they do not consider whether the child is ready to be looked after by a stranger. Children are sensitive and may not understand the situation, this is especially the case with younger children. Therefore, it is always best to consider a nanny who has recent experience in caring for those in your child's age range. In Sydney, many online nanny referral services allow parents to set a criteria based on their needs, when searching for a nanny and find the best nanny in Sydney.

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