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Find Your Nanny Yourself and Feel the Pleasure of Being a Boss

When your first baby was born, you became a mother. Now you have to play the role of a boss as you are looking to hire a nanny. You have to implement the tasks of a real company owner. Then there will be lot of planning, researches, interviews, background checks, signing agreements etc, for you to undertake. Not like in other companies you will have to do all the duties of each department such as human resource, accounts, planning, research  etc.

Planning and research processes need highest thinking ability. It is just like planning your future. There are more aspects to pay your attention. You have to analyze carefully the thinking pattern, anticipations of your child. How sensitive he is and the way he is attached to you. Then you have to plan about your nanny. What qualifications you expect from your nanny. What are the duties that she has to fulfill in her day to day routine? Are you going to hire a full time nanny, part time, live-in or live-out nanny?  How much will be her salary? are the most prominent questions that you have to ask yourself. Try to answer all these questions and see if you can find definite answers to these questions. By posting ads on internet and in your neighborhood the searching part can be done. If you cannot find time to do all these things, then it would be better to get the help of Weneedananny.ca to find a nanny in Calgary or other parts of Canada.

Interviewing part will be the most crucial event of the whole procedure. That is the occasion both you and your nanny meet face-to-face. If you have no any sense on interviewing a person, then this occasion will only be a meeting. Be ready with the questions you prepared earlier and practice the way you ask questions. Ask her why she has become a nanny and what are her future goals. Ask how she has acted in emergency situations. See if she has been able to take the right decision  at the right moment.

Without relying on what she has said about her past time, conduct a background check to find out her reliability. Call her past employers in Calgary and listen to them carefully. Furthermore you can get the help of a hiring company in Calgary to search her criminal history. Finally the nanny should sign an employment agreement. This agreement should include the paying method, work hours and other terms and conditions. Let her to review and sign the employment agreement.

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