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How To Have An Exclusive Nanny Selection Interview

The nanny hiring process is not an easy task at all, and there are lots of procedures to follow on finding a trustworthy and professional nanny. The nanny interview is a very important part of the nanny hiring process. In fact, parents can find nannies in many ways; such as by referrals from friends, online nanny services websites, by placing advertisement on local newspapers and etc. But the nanny interview is the purifying process to filter the best nanny among them. So that, parents should be more focused on the nanny hiring interview. Moreover, the face to face interview helps to gather the information to make perfect decisions. Therefore, here are some crucial aspects to consider when interviewing a nanny.

Do Phone Interview & Shortlist Nanny Candidates
Once parents have some potential nannies name list, they can arrange a face to face interview to pick a perfect nanny. Before invite them for the interview, having a phone call interview is essential. But it is not recommended to spend more time for the phone call conversation; because, you have to spend much time on face to face interview. During the phone call, you can judge the person on the other end and get some basic understanding about the candidate, also you can decide whether the nanny in question matches your requirements and nanny specification. You can shortlist the nannies and call only the shortlisted nannies for the formal meeting (interview).

Prepare Interview Question List & Further Shortlist the Nannies
Before you start the interview, you have to prepare the interview questions list. When you create the questions list, try to include all the crucial questions; such as, ask her to describe last childcare experience and why nanny left it, ask what is her general philosophy on etiquette for children and etc. A well prepared interview question list helps to figure out the perfect nanny to take care of your child. Another advantage of having the prepared questions list is, sometime you may forget to ask the same questions to all candidates, but if you have a well prepared interview checklist you can ensure that you will have followed fair policy during the interview.

Nanny Interview Process
The most important things is having a casual conversation. Generally, face to face interview can be nerve-wrenching for nannies. So, casual interview makes nanny to feel easy and relax. When a nanny candidate feels comfortable, she will share much more about herself. If nanny shares enough information with you, it is easy to make the best decision. Another important aspect is, ask open-ended and situational questions from the potential nannies rather than yes or no questions. If you ask situational questions, you will get more better idea about the nanny; such as, how she is going to care the child, what are the additional talents that she has (music, dance and sports), how she behaves with parents and more. If you are going to have the interview at home or any other  place, keep your child away from the interview; because, your attention and focus is very important on the nanny during the interview; if there is child, you may not be able keep your focus in the interview.

Offer Trail Run for Selected Nanny
Once you find a perfect nanny from the face to face interview, invite her to spend some time with your child. When she spends time with your kid, just observe her; how she connects with your child and how your child reacts to her. This kind of trial run is necessary to hire the perfect nanny to take care your precious child.

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